Tales of girls and boys and marsupials.

Hi. I'm Heather, an 18 year old nerdfighter from England, and I like stuff.

Stuff I like includes: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Being Human (UK), Night Vale, Buffy, OITNB, Merlin, The Hunger Games, Adventure Time, Teen Wolf.

My 'blog' is a mess of these and other topics.

Apr 22

expelliarmus asked: martha jones or sansa stark?

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Apr 21

Allison Argent + Elements

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Apr 20


How to be a grade A dork a book by Peter Benjamin Parker

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Red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous. 

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Apr 19


Ghost rolled in some sidewalk chalk.

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The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

fuck no this hurts me so hard augustus why vaguely pedophilic swingset why please no stop please

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Apr 18

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Fashion Esque GQ Mag  24/03/2014 (photographer Andy Gotts)


Fashion Esque GQ Mag  24/03/2014 (photographer Andy Gotts)

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No need for talking. I already know. If you want me why go?

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Apr 17

1.01 // 3.23

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