Tales of Girls and Boys and Marsupials

Hi. I'm Heather, an 18 year old student from England, and I like stuff.

Stuff I like includes: Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Sherlock, In The Flesh, Being Human, WTNV, Buffy, OITNB, Merlin, Adventure Time, Teen Wolf.

My 'blog' is a mess of these and other topics.

Sep 16

<3 space :3


<3 space :3

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Sep 15


Did we come to the end of the universe because of a nursery rhyme? | Requested by timeywimeymagicat221b.

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the potter generation }
→ favourite jk rowling quote

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"I’m going to leave you something, just so you’ll always remember… fear makes companions of us all."

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Sep 14

I’ve seen your face under every sky, over every border and on every line. You know my heart more than I do. We were the greatest, me and you.

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"I’m not a coward…"

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We’re the undead.

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 it’s got to help someone

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my  b e s t  friend.

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